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You can shop round-the-clock comfortably - simple from home by Internet for Aue-Verlag GmbH. Then ransack our goods categories and click on the product in which you are interested to receive nearer information. You also can use the entry field "search" to find products direct. To return to the respectively last page, you use the "back" button of your web browser.

Your shopping basket

You find an entry field on the product detail pages for the crowd and a button "into the shopping basket". At first you enter the desired number and you click after that on to store "shopping lists" "into the shopping basket", around the product on your virtual one.

You can further shop after that and put other products in the shopping basket or process your order.

We lead different variants of some products: You must select the desired variant here at first, size or colour for example determined one before you put the product in the shopping basket.

Processing the order

You "report" on the point shopping basket if you want to watch your current order click. You get an overview of the articles now which you have put before into the shopping basket. If you want to change the order quantity afterwards, you write down the new number on the field "order quantity" and you click on the button "update sums". If you want to delete a product completely of your order, you click on the deleting symbol next to the product. To call details of the products in the shopping basket, you select the names in the shopping basket. If your order is complete, you click on the button "far". Die Bestellung bearbeiten

Modes of transport and methods of payment

You choose the desired mode of transport in the next window. If transportation costs are added, these are displayed here. Mark the desired mode of transport and click on "far" to reach the methods of payment. You decide in favour of a method of payment there and click on the button "far" again.

Everything OK?

After that the ordering summary in which your order as an overview is represented again appears. Please check again whether everything is right, whether all articles and their number are correct and whether you have selected the desired mode of transport and method of payment. Our general Terms and Conditions also can you from this screen - short AGB - see because you must to these agree before the completion of the order, by marking the corresponding control small box. Click after that on "far" to lock the order.

Your personal data

A window in which you can enter your personal data opens now. This window is transferred encoded, recognize this by the small castle symbol on the lower window edge. Enter your personal data now - we have marked mandatory fields with an asterisk. If you want to indicate a divergent shipping address, you also can do this in this form. If your personal data shall be saved for your next purchase, you activate the function "save address data". To use this service, you must have activated cookies in your browser. If all details are complete and correct, you can lock the order by click on OK. You receive a confirmation mail from us shortly after this.

Your E-Mail-adress

Please be particularly careful at the detail of your electronic mail address because we use these to enter into contact with you. More still: The electronic mail address is your customer number for Aue-Verlag GmbH with which we obviously identify you.

Cookies and Pop-Ups

Some functions in our shop use cookies to save data on your computer. You must activate cookies in your browser to be able to use these functions.

Our shop opens a window transferred encoded for the ordering completion. If you use a pop-up blocker software on your PC, if you should deactivate these, since otherwise you cannot circumstances permitting lock the order.

At certain browser attitudes the shopping basket does not appear: Then open the frame in a new window or Tab, please.

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